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Instead of touring Copenhagen along well-known streets and alleys, we invite you onto a journey that takes you through some of Copenhagen's many hidden courtyards - giving you a peek into the city's parallel universe.

Today, most of Copenhagen's historic inner city consists of private and closed courtyards.
What would happen if we open these courtyards? What would happen if these courtyards were made publicly accessible? What would happen when these courtyards become a part of the urban space?

It will enlarge the city without expanding it. It will open up the possibility of rethinking and developing the city without comprimising its historic character. It will create more public spaces in the inner city that makes it more intensively used and (potentially) more sustainable!
The Parallel City is an invitation to rediscover and rethink the historic city of Copenhagen!

The project was a part of the exhibition Link UP Showcase 2009 which was exhibited during the Copenhagen Design Week.
The parallel city
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