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You have participated in many international contests. What was interesting for you to participate in the contest for secondary center of Sofia?

It is very important subject, because in this moment in Europe the question about urban development is very prominent especially with all the new opportunities coming with the EU. For Sofia it is a great chance, because Sofia is not very dense city in terms of space distribution and you have some open areas - especially between the buildings, this gives possibility for further changes and improvements.

Would you explain briefly the philosophy behind your project for secondary center of Sofia and its concept?

Well, the main idea is to create an open district with a park in the center. This park is not a circle though - it is more like a line between the new developments. Another important point in the project is to make the district with mixed uses just like in the big city - different people with different lifestyles etc. And the idea is not to build one big building or two big buildings, but to create a skyline and step-by-step development of the site. After the winning of the contest for secondary center of Sofia - your contacts with our country will be more intense probably.

What did you know about Bulgaria before and what do you know now? And have you got some opinion about the Bulgarian architecture?

For me it is a little bit early to answer on this question, because I don‘t know very well the Bulgarian culture, cities and people. But my feeling is very positive, I feel that now all is possible here. And I think that it is a good begging to get to know Bulgaria and I am very optimistic. The Bulgarian architecture I have seen is that between my hotel and the University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy so I think it is not that much to have an opinion.

You have various professional experience and you have worked on many different projects with different scales and typology. Do you think that there is a moment when architecture becomes art?

The architecture is definitely more expensive than the art is. We spend a lot of money. When you are building you always do it for somebody while when you paint you could just do it for yourself and it is different. Art for the sake of art is more than enough. Architecture for the sake of art is not enough.

What are the new tendencies and the future of architecture?

I don‘t know exactly, because the architecture and the world are changing constantly. And if you know how the world will be in the future - you can have the answer on your question - you will know what the architecture will be like. But the future is unpredictable and that is what I like about it. Tomorrow is a mystery. I think there is a tendency to change the way we see architecture, because the architecture is not a single building, it is also the landscape, it is social, it is political, it is economical. We should consider the architecture as the most important part of the culture.

"Architecture for the sake of art is not enough."

The interview was taken by Polina Hadjimitova during Interarch 2009