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Friday, 15 October 2010 15:36

Sofia Architecture Week 2010 is the third edition of the international festival of contemporary architecture. This year's event will focus on discussing specific issues and various approaches to their solution. 'Being Peripheral' is the central theme of the intended dialogue and exchange of ideas between professionals and members of the public alike. The key questions the Festival poses are: What is periphery - a geographic location or a state of mind?

Can we be the centre or can we be as dignified without it?
Are there centres in periphery?
The two core modules of the Festival are the Forum and the Open House, which is the free admission programme. Each of their elements revolves around the idea that the notion of periphery can be changed in both social and geographical terms, thus making the processes taking place there, along with the related issues, the centre, and allowing us to seek solutions.

Architect Georgi Katov

I/O architects
Curator of the Sofia Architecture Week 2010 Forum.
Forum theme: Being Peripheral. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Georgi Katov obtained his degree in Ar¬chitecture at the University of Architec¬ture, Civil

Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia in 1999. He went on to work for Noble Associates and Atelier Radina Ge-sheva up until 2002, when he was grant¬ed a scholarship by the Japanese Govern-ment to specialize at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in the lab of Yoshiharu Tsukamoto (Atelier Bow-Wow). In 2004, together with Viara Jeliazkova, he set up I/O architects as a long-distance collabo¬ration on their first project. Their work combines local experience with a critical external perspective. Their projects are marked by multidirectional experiment and sensitivity to the specific context of local landscape, city, and society, as well as a reaction to existing discrepancies.

fordewind architecture ltd

Curators of the Sofia Architecture Week 2010 Open House program. Open house theme: „Periphery is where I'm not".
fordewind architecture ltd. is a multidisciplinary studio founded in Vienna by Ephgenia Hodkevitsch and Boris Enev. It implements architectural and interior design for urban environment projects, along with theatre productions and film projects and installations. The studio's primary focus is on architecture's impact and interaction with the urban environment and architects' responsibility to social spaces. Having won two competitions in Bulgaria, they decided, in 2004, on setting up an office in Sofia. In the years that followed, the studio worked on various public and private housing projects, television studio design and and reconstructions, as well as several theoretical projects about Sofia's urban and social environment. As a result of a six year stay in Bulgaria and a financial crisis breakout, fordewind architecture ltd.'s credo is DON'T PANIC